Change Programmes

Change Programmes
The SEgroup offers five change programmes. They specify the frame for what we do under the headline of entrepreneurial change. The change programmes outline investments for different conditions at different times and on different scales.

Realising Capabilities – getting started
Are you ready for change? Or better, to what extend are you ready for change? What are your possibilities? What is technically feasible; what is politically desirable and culturally meaningful in your organisation?

Realising capabilities acknowledges and accomplishes the possible way forward for your specific conditions. It focusses on the interface of know-how, value creation and passion. It provides a map for change, showing the landscape, goals and last but not least where you start. And it leads to "Trittsicherheit", i.e. the necessary certainty to move forward reaching opportunities at a responsible risk.

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Creating Future – rapid transformation and massive change

You want to innovate or have to react rapidly? You need to focus resources in an agile way to bring novelties to the world? You want to integrate expert knowledge and you want the organisation to learn?

Creating future bridges the gap between the excitement of innovation or rapid reaction and the learning organisation. It integrates action and learning, the project and the organisation. It focusses internal and external resources to bring something new to the world and anchor it sustainably.

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Leading Practice – operational excellence and project excellence

You are in search of the high performance organisation? You need to align operations, project and governance? You want to balance continuous improvement and innovation? You want to become a learning organisation?

Leading Practice works towards operational excellence and project excellence. Based on the insights of organisational intelligence it facilitates change towards a next and more desirable practice. Key is a systemically balanced strategy, change project excellence and organisational learning. Minimal-invasive change is possible where transparency and participation align resources money cannot buy.

Leading Practice realises the high performance practice and anchors its structural, procedural and individual implications in a resilient organisation.

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Mobilising Teams – peak performance and micro change

Are the right people doing the right things the right way? You want to guide your team to peak performance? Conflicts shall be mitigated? Strategies need to be deployed?

Mobilising teams facilitates change in a given frame or along strategic ambitions. Team assessments focus on the conditions for performance. Key is the clarification and refinement of collaboration models, within the team and at its interfaces. It is about goals, roles, processes and interpersonal relationships. It is about the team’s operating model as well as its governance model.

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Learning Change – know-what and know-how
How do you achieve good change? Shall intrapreneurship replace consultants? What does a learning organisation actually do? Why is project excellence a prerequisite for change excellence? Do you want to become a change entrepreneur? And why is change a genuine business function?

Learning Change is about the individual and the organisation. It qualifies and organises for change. It focusses on project excellence, capacity building and systemic change. It provides tailored training as well as enabling organisational development. Learning Change enables intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and the organisation for good change.

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