Explore, Map, Trade

When scientific map making was established in the 14th and 15th century, the explorer’s curiosity translated into meaningful maps. It resulted in reducing the risk of overseas travel and global trade. Why? Because a map not only shows you where to go but also what options you have to get there. The more we know of the world we are navigating - be it the globe or your own organisation - the more likely desirable outcomes become. The better the map the easier we find our way.

The Systemic Excellence Group adopted this logic of exploring, mapping and trading. It is our guiding principle to navigate change.

Before setting out to any change we carefully explore the current reality of your organisation or team. What is your organisation ready for? Change? Innovation? Excellence?

We support you to explore the political and cultural landscape you are embedded in, the known and the unknown. Qualitative social systems research and systems analytics play a major role in this.

Smart mapping goes far beyond the spreadsheets and Gantt charts you find in your management toolbox. You do not only want to know what is, but you want to see what realistically could be and how to get there. And you want to know how the various parts and elements you identify play together. Systems analytics provide rich pictures and smart maps.

Exploration and mapping prepare for strategic focus and getting your organisation ready. Now you can decide to take action, to embark on overseas trade or to initiate change.