The SEgroup Fellows are experienced change masters and scholars who lead the SEgroup’s change and research projects. They come with diverse cultural backgrounds and with a wide range of professional skills. If they do not look like the prototype of a mainstream consultant, it is for a reason, they are change entrepreneurs.

Fahri Akdemir
Fahri Akdemir is a business trainer and consultant specialized in Soft Skills development. Working with his systems engineering and strategic project management background over 11 years, giving workshops and training in 16 different countries, for different industries provide him valuable experience. Now he is using this experience in his works and his PhD study on behavioral complexity. In his works he uses experiential methods to create awareness and development on selected skill set.

Fahri is a qualified assessor at International Project Management Association (IPMA) Project Excellence Awards. He is member of German Project Management Association (GPM) and honorary member of Project Management Association of Nepal (PMAN). He is also the co-founder and program manager of Coaching for Development platform which provides free project management support to social development projects all around the world.

Birgit Andrag
Dr. Birgit Andrag is an expert for systems research & diagnostics, diversity integration and female executive leadership development. She is the Founding Director of SEgroup South Africa.

Birgit Andrag holds degrees in dentistry, an executive MBA and diplomas in project management and strategic brand management. She is a member of the women business owners' association UnitedSuccess and joined the International Society for Systemic Sciences to pursue her research in the field of female agribusiness leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Next to her work in change projects and research, Birgit Andrag is the Managing Director of the agribusiness Berry Flavors @ By den Weg near Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Daniela Beck-Tauber
Dr. Daniela Beck-Tauber has extensive experience in organisational development and internal consulting to international corporations. She combines her business practice with scientific projects on transformational leadership at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Daniela Beck-Tauber holds a Ph.D. in economic sciences from the University St. Gallen.

Christopher Biesenthal
Christopher Biesenthal is an expert in the fields of project management and improvisation. After completing his engineering degree at the University of Applied Science in Cologne, Germany, Chris earned his master's degree at Macquarie University in Sydney, specialising in engineering management. He is currently working on his PhD at the University of Technology, Sydney, and also teaches change management at the University of Sydney.

As part of a research team Chris has been working on a major research project founded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), which investigates the antecedents of project blowouts. Through his research he has been involved with major Australian companies from a wide range of industries.

Living in Sydney, Australia, Chris enjoys spending time outdoors. He plays soccer, loves the beach and goes to the gym. As a counterpart to his active lifestyle, Chris gets pleasure from a nice cup of coffee combined with a good book or music.

Daniel Dick
Daniel Dick is an expert on change, social complexity and context / impact of corporate culture. He holds a master degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology of Vienna and Zurich. His experience is complemented by systemic approaches through his work at the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of System Science on Impact Assessment.

His passion is the relationship of individual and collective patterns of thought, culture and behavior and their possibilities to effect change. In addition to his consulting work, he has developed a software tool for "Cultural Fit" for Multigence GmbH towards an analysis and consultance of personnel and cultural and development.

Daniel Dick grew up bilingually with Spanish and German and is fluent in English. He is also a surfer, a boxer and admires good music and provocative art.

Elisaveta Gomann
Elisaveta Gomann holds a degree in Economics and has served as a lobbyist for different German industry branches for almost a decade, before entering the world of organisational development and systemic consulting. With a deep knowledge of the European and German political arena, she is the co-founder of several Berlin-based lobby networks and has actively accompanied classical industries through their digitalisation-triggered transformational process.

Her main interest lies in identifying and dealing with the challenges and chances that organisations find themselves facing in the VUCA world. She has therefore dived deeply into the world of agile management methods, UX and design thinking, whereby she always looks out for the next big trend.

Elisaveta Gomann has one son, speaks fluently German, English, Bulgarian and Russian, divides her spare time between boxing and dancing and is a podcast-addict.

Ralph D. Hildebrand
Ralph D. Hildebrand sold HICOM, his agency for marketing and branding in 2009. He is currently involved in projects dealing with change, the arts, culture, and travel. Ralph has been an advisor to the SEgroup during its relaunch process and serves as the SEgroup's VP Communication.

Alexander Kiehne
Alexander Kiehne holds a degree in sociology. He is an experienced expert in Change Management, combining theory and practice of organisational consultancy. He has been part of the Systemic Excellence Group since 2004.

The starting point of his change projects is the co-creative and appreciative exploration of the client’s organisation. This allows mapping what is already at hand for creating authentic and realistic future practices that serve as basis for target-oriented decisions and actions.

Alexander Kiehne is an enthusiastic guitar player and songwriter, playing in several bands (Pop Rock, Punk). He lives in Berlin with his family.

Simon Nfor
Simon Nfor is a systemic Project Manager, Educator, International Researcher, and Entrepreneur based in South Africa. His areas of expertise include Complex Project Management, Strategy & Business Systems, and Action Learning Skills Development. He operates from Johannesburg.

Ron Purser
Dr. Ronald E. Purser is Professor of Management at the College of Business at San Francisco State University and past division chair of the Organization Development and Change division of the Academy of Management.

He is also a visiting professor at Meridian University, Colorado Technical University, Benedictine University, and Saybrook University. His research and consulting have been in the areas mindfulness in organizations, social creativity and innovation, nonroutine sociotechnical systems, large group interventions, and arts-based executive education programs (jazz metaphor).

Tikajit Rai
Tikajit Rai is an entrepreneur. In 1998, he was co-founder of the e-commerce company Kathmandunepal.com. After his return to Nepal in 2003, he founded Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd., the first social enterprise in Nepal and since then serves in the capacity of CEO. He co-founded the Project Management Association of Nepal and is now its president. He is responsible in the areas of education and training. He is also a reviewer for the International Project Management Association's Excellence Award.

Tikajit Rai has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in information and communication technology. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). He is also currently preparing a project management course for MBA programs in Nepal.

Tikajit Rai is a hiker and swimmer. He plays guitar and sings, too, but has no ambitions to become a professional. He is an excellent football player (in retirement). He has two children and lives in Nepal.

Tammy Sanders
Tammy Sanders is a seasoned learning and business development professional with an eclectic career spanning the realms of media, communications, technology, executive learning and organizational development. She brings to bear hands-on, results-driven expertise in directing complex ventures and nurturing strategic endeavours in the U.S. and other countries.

Most recently, Tammy has delivered strategic learning programs with the University of California, Berkeley's Center for Executive Education at the Haas School of Business. Her assignments include program design, facilitation and management of on-site and online learning programs across a variety of themes and locations, from Leadership in Global Dynamic Environments set in Angola to Women's Executive Leadership based in Berkeley.

Elke Umbach
Elke Umbach has been working as a coach and systemic consultant advising organisations and executives in challenging systemic transformation processes since 1996. She has experience doing this on a 1:1 basis through to being the facilitator of large groups. She also trains consultants and business coaches.

Elke Umbach is a sociologist and combines her consulting practice, theory and craftsmanship with an inner attitude of professional respect. Her work focuses on a balance between respectful confrontation and enthusiatic support.

Elke Umbach is avid diver. She likes music, art and martial arts. She is the mother of two grown sons.