Office Berlin
Germany's capital city is increasingly becoming more international, not only in politics but also in science, culture and media. At the same time, Berlin is both the place of the SEgroup's foundation and its symbolic centre. Like the open and sometimes playful metropolis, the SEgroup acts as a melting pot for creative thinking. > Contact us

Hubs around the world
The global presence of the SEgroup unfolded with successful projects along the global supply chain (east to west) and the capacity building axis (north to south). For more than 15 years now the SEgroup has been a part of worldwide research and innovation networks which guided us around the globe.  > Contact us

Asia hubs
Asia stands for dynamic inventiveness. It is characterised by a highly diverse economic, social and cultural landscape, with many countries evolving or advancing at a high speed. The SEgroup strives to make growth and social progress in the region sustainable.  > Contact us

China hubs
In an environment that is changing at high speed, the SEgroup in Shanghai and Hong Kong helps companies to benefit from this change and grow successfully, with excellent project management and a special emphasis on human resources because it is people who drive change.  > Contact us

Australia hubs
The SEgroup’s ties to Australia established along the lines of social innovation and systemic analytics. Australia seems to be more daring when it comes to innovate governance, education and project management.  > Contact us

USA hubs
You cannot understand the digital transformation without understanding the USA, coast to coast. It is the origin of many leading concepts of innovation, continuous improvement and project management.  > Contact us