Our Consortial Partners are change entrepreneurs. They initiate and lead change worldwide. The Consortial Partners are responsible for the SEgroup’s development and further growth. They share your experience as managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Brigitte Bauder

Brigitte Bauder is an expert on change management with a background in the application of Lean Six Sigma and mediation. She is VP of Finance and the director of the SEgroup's Stuttgart office. Before joining the SEgroup, she worked at a technical consulting company and spent several years managing a communications agency in Berlin. In addition to her references →


Ockie Bosch
Dr. Ockie Bosch is an internationally renowned expert in systems thinking and complexity management. As Director of  Systems Modelling of SEgroup,  Dr. Ockie Bosch is also professor at the University of Adelaide and the University of Ngee Ann in Singapore, as well as Distinguished Guest Professor at the University of Keio in Japan. Following his Headship of the School of Integrative Systems at The University of Queensland, he has been a founding member


Louis Klein

Dr. Louis Klein is an internationally recognized expert in the field of systemic change management. He is the founder of the Systemic Excellence Group and has been its CEO since 2001 →


Zenith Law
Zenith Law is an expert in change management, project management and risk management. He provides international consultancy, training and coaching services with passion and experience. He is a certified consultant in numerous countries all around the world →